Writing reviews about electric rice cookers seemed like a good idea at the time, for the reason that we eat rice almost every day. We used to eat white rice, but these days I only cook brown rice, because it has more nutrients and fiber, and I also like the taste and texture more.

However, I still cook rice in a stainless steel pot with a glass lid on the electric stove. I have not yet bought myself a cheap conventional electric rice cooker. That would make cooking rice less of a chore, and decrease the times when I accidentally burn the rice, or add a little too much water and make very mushy rice. I wish I could afford one of those beautiful fuzzy logic rice cookers from either Zojirushi or CUCKOO. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride (and cook rice with induction heating pressure fuzzy logic rice cookers).

Anyway, I thought that writing and publishing anonymous, evergreen content about electric rice cookers on this blog would be good enough, but it turns out that it probably isn’t good enough. Be that as it may, I might still publish a review or an article now and then, when I see a new rice cooker model on the market, or want to write about some specific topic related to electric rice cookers.

The purpose of the rice cooker reviews on this website is to educate and inform readers. The author’s viewpoints and opinions are presented to assist readers in forming their own opinions prior to purchasing an electric rice cooker. While it is recommended to approach product recommendations with caution, it is not necessary to dismiss all reviews solely because the reviewer may receive a commission. Many reviews contain verifiable facts and strive to provide honest and accurate assessments.

Additionally, the reviews include a subjective summary based on the reviewer’s personal perspective. In order to establish a consensus, the author takes into account reviews from other sources and user testimonials. The ultimate goal is to offer readers a valuable and meaningful experience when they read these reviews and articles about electric rice cookers.

Image by MYCCF from Pixabay.