Digital Rice Cooker With Oatmeal Setting For Oat Porridge

Rice cookers with built-in microcomputer technology often have a menu setting for cooking rice porridge. However, this porridge setting is sometimes used by people for cooking steel cut oats. Nevertheless, we have found a few digital rice cookers that have an oatmeal setting for cooking old-fashioned rolled oats or steel cut oats. Oat Groats vs. … Read more

Electric Rice Cooker With Vegetable Steamer Tray

You can cook rice in a rice cooker, but how about steaming some vegetables as well? You can do that if you have an electric rice cooker with a vegetable steamer. Most electric rice cookers ship with a steamer tray for steaming vegetables. These steamer baskets are usually made from plastic. Other rice cookers have … Read more

Electric Rice Cooker With Stainless Steel Inner Pot

Why would you want a rice cooker with a stainless steel cooking pot and steaming tray instead of the usual aluminum pot with a nonstick coating? Very small amounts of aluminum might leach into the food and could prove to be a health hazard in the long term. Nonstick coatings might release toxic gas if … Read more

Electric Rice Cooker Without Teflon Coated Pot

Some consumers are concerned about using rice cookers with aluminum pots which are coated with a nonstick Teflon coating. The alternatives to nonstick aluminum bowls are stainless steel, ceramic or clay cooking pots. We have done our research and present you with rice cookers that offer an alternative to the widely used aluminum pots and … Read more

Electric Rice Cooker With Porridge Setting

Rice cookers with microcomputer technology have more menu options available, such as a porridge setting. The porridge cycle is designed for cooking rice porridge, but it can also be used for cooking steel-cut oats if you can find the right balance between oats and water. We have selected two Zojirushi rice cookers that have a … Read more

Electric Rice Cooker With Keep Warm Function

It sometimes happens that there are still some rice left over after everyone has eaten. You may want to keep the rice warm for a few hours to eat again at the next meal. Therefore, you need a rice cooker with a keep warm function. Introduction Keeping rice warm for multiple days in a rice … Read more

Electric Rice Cooker With Clear Tempered Glass Lid

A tempered glass lid is often used on an inexpensive rice cooker. It gives the user the ability to see the rice being cooked or the food being steamed. Although a rice cooker with a glass lid might be easy to clean, people often complain about starchy steam being released out of the small vent … Read more

Electric Rice Cooker With Delay Timer

A rice cooker with a delay timer helps to make the process of cooking rice for dinner, or porridge for breakfast, so much easier. A delay timer makes cooking rice much easier. You add the rice and water into the cooking pot and set the timer according to the instructions so that it is finished … Read more

Electric Rice Cooker With Clay Cooking Pot

Most electric rice cookers have inner cooking bowls that are made from aluminum, which are then coated with a nonstick coating such as Teflon. If you do not like these nonstick coatings, then consider getting a rice cooker with a clay cooking bowl. Why use rice cookers with clay pots? Clay cooking bowls do not … Read more

Electric Rice Cooker With Ceramic Inner Pot

A growing number of people do not like to cook rice in pots made from aluminum, which are covered with nonstick coatings. The nonstick coating eventually gets scratched and starts to flake off into the food. For this reason, a few consumers are trying to find electric rice cookers with ceramic pots. Introduction There are … Read more