Aroma ARC-7606B Induction Heating Rice Cooker Review

Until now, I was unaware that the Aroma brand had an induction heating rice cooker on the market. The Aroma ARC-7606B is a 6-cup uncooked (or 12-cup cooked) rice cooker that uses induction heating to cook rice, porridge, and even oatmeal. A steaming tray is also included. Below, I will try to answer a few questions about this Aroma induction heating rice cooker.

What is the maximum rice capacity of the Aroma ARC-7606B?

The Aroma ARC-7606B has a maximum uncooked rice capacity of 6 cups. Although, that is 6 cups as measured with the included rice measuring cup. This is equal to about 12 cups of cooked rice.

I suspect that the included measuring cup is smaller than a standard US cup, probably something like 180 milliliters. This is usually the case with the measuring cups that are included with electric rice cookers. However, let me just see if I can find out what the size of the included measuring cup is. Yes, I see that one rice measuring cup equals 180 milliliters, or 3/4 of a US cup.

The minimum amount of rice that you can cook with the Aroma ARC-7606B is probably 2 cups of uncooked rice. It seems like you cannot cook only one cup of uncooked rice in this rice cooker. The water lines for rice inside the cooking pot does not go below 2 cups.

What menu options does the Aroma ARC-7606B offer?

This Aroma induction heating rice cooker does not have as many menu options as other induction heating rice cookers, such as the Zojirushi NP-HCC IH rice cookers. Nonetheless, it offers a few essential menu options, such as White Rice, Multigrain, Oatmeal, Porridge, and Steam.

In addition, it also has a 15-hour delay timer and an automatic warmer mode. Please note that the Aroma ARC-7606B does not have an extended keep warm mode, so it only keeps the cooked rice warm for up to 12 hours.

If you want to keep rice warm for longer than 12 hours, then you will have to look at a different induction heating rice cooker that has an extended keep warm mode. For example, the Zojirushi NW-QAC induction heating rice cookers have automatic keep warm, extended keep warm, and reheat functions.

How long does it take to cook white rice?

The Aroma ARC-7606B induction heating rice cooker should not take more than forty minutes to cook two cups of uncooked white rice. Likewise, four cups of uncooked white rice might take a few minutes longer to cook. This induction heating rice cooker should be able to cook a maximum amount of six cups of uncooked white rice in under fifty minutes.

What type of pot does this Aroma induction rice cooker have?

The Aroma ARC-7606B has an iron cooking pot that is coated with a nonstick coating. The iron cooking pot allows the induction heating system to work its magic and heat up the inner cooking pot. If this rice cooker had an aluminum cooking pot, then the induction heating system simply would not be have been able to cook the rice.

The iron inner cooking pot is both thicker and weighs more when compared to the pots of other conventional electric rice cookers. The combination of a thicker and heavier iron cooking pot and the induction heating should make sure that the rice inside the pot cooks evenly, without the rice at the bottom being more crispy than the rice at the top.

Does the Aroma ARC-7606B have a steam function?

The Aroma ARC-7606B not only has a Steam menu option, but also has a steam tray that is included in the box with the rice cooker. If you cook only the minimum amount of rice, then there should be enough space left for the steam tray, should you desire to cook some vegetables too. Similar to many other rice cookers with vegetable steam baskets, the steam tray included with the Aroma ARC-7606B is made from plastic.

Happy rice, happy life?

What accessories are included with the Aroma ARC-7606B?

It seems like the following accessories are included with the Aroma ARC-7606B induction heating rice cooker:

  • 180 milliliter rice measuring cup
  • 2 millimeter thick iron inner pot with nonstick coating
  • BPA-free plastic steam tray
  • serving spatula
  • soup ladle

I do not know if an instruction manual is included with this model, so I cannot comment on the quality of the instructions.

Is the Aroma ARC-7606B easy to use and clean?

While the Aroma ARC-7606B does not have a handle that you can use to pick it up and carry it, the rice cooker is not that heavy, so you can easily use both your hands and move it to where you want it to be.

The Aroma ARC-7606B is very easy to use, as long as you know how to use a measuring cup and how to press buttons. Some people might complain that five menu options is not enough, but this might actually make it easier to choose a menu option. You are not confronted with 10 or 20 menu settings. I mean, the ARC-7606B is supposed to be an electric rice cooker, not an electric multi-cooker.

This induction heating rice cooker is easy to clean. The iron cooking pot has a nonstick coating, and you should be able to wash and wipe it clean without a problem. Moreover, both the inner stainless steel lid and the outer steam vent are removable and washable. The included steam tray will be just as easy to wash. Of course, be careful that you do not accidentally scratch the nonstick coating of the inner cooking pot while rinsing the rice, stirring the rice, or washing the pot.

Does the Aroma ARC-7606B provide value for money?

At the time of writing this Aroma ARC-7606B review, this model costs just over one hundred dollars. I mean, that is inexpensive for an induction heating digital rice cooker. Of course, the exterior of the ARC-7606B model is made from plastic, and there are only five menu options available.

Therefore, you should not expect this Aroma induction heating rice cooker to be built with the same high quality materials as a Zojirushi or CUCKOO IH technology rice cooker. Do not expect the ARC-7606B rice cooker to play you a pretty tune when it finishes cooking the rice, like the more expensive induction heating rice cookers that are made in Japan. You might get a few beeps out of the ARC-7606B rice cooker, but no “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.

In brief, I think that the Aroma ARC-7606B should provide good value for the money you have to pay to get it. It seems like it is one of the most affordable induction heating rice cookers that I have ever seen, and it also looks like a modern rice cooker, whether you choose the gray color or the black color exterior. Click here for current price on Amazon (paid link).