COSORI CRC-R501-KUS 5-Quart Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Review

The COSORI CRC-R501-KUS rice cooker has a 5-quart capacity and can hold up to 10 cups of uncooked rice. It offers various options for cooking white rice, brown rice, and other grains like quinoa and barley. The Quick Rice function allows for fast cooking without sacrificing taste or quality. The rice cooker also includes a stainless steel steam basket for steaming vegetables, fish, and more, as well as a slow cook mode for making soups and stews with minimal effort.

COSORI CRC-R501-KUS: Summary

The COSORI CRC-R501-KUS 5-quart rice cooker boasts several convenient features, yet also has some downsides. Cleaning is easy enough, thanks to removable parts like the inner lid and condensation collector. It excels at cooking both white and brown rice, thanks to fuzzy logic technology for precise results. The stainless steel steamer basket is an added bonus for steaming foods, and the inner pot includes useful markings for measuring rice and water levels.

On the flip side, the large size may not be ideal for all countertops. The beeping alerts can be bothersome and need improvement. Adding a retractable cord and adjustable heat on the Sauté mode would be beneficial features. The keep warm function tends to leave rice crunchy at the bottom. Additionally, slow cooking is limited to just one high temperature setting, which may not suit all recipes.

In summary, this rice cooker produces delicious rice and incorporates smart design elements for user-friendly experience. However, issues with size, noise levels, lack of cord storage, and limitations in certain functions might make it less versatile than desired. It’s great for larger families who enjoy rice dishes frequently, though those seeking more settings and features may want to explore other options. Click here for current pricing on Amazon (paid link).

What is the rice capacity of the COSORI CRC-R501-KUS?

The COSORI 5-quart rice cooker can cook up to 10 cups of raw rice, resulting in approximately 20 cups of cooked rice. It’s important to note that the measuring cup included is 180ml (6.1 oz), which is smaller than a standard 236.6ml (8 oz) US cup. Therefore, the 10-cup raw rice capacity mentioned refers to the smaller 180ml cups, not the standard US cups. In reality, if measured using 8oz US cups, the actual raw rice capacity would be closer to 8 cups.

How long does it take to cook white rice?

The cooking time for rice can vary based on the quantity of rice and water used. This 5-quart COSORI rice cooker is equipped with fuzzy logic technology, which automatically adjusts temperatures according to environmental factors. This intelligent rice cooker can adapt its cooking times for different rice varieties and functions.

Typically, it takes around 45 minutes to cook one cup of long grain white rice. For medium or short grain white rice, the cooking time is usually 40 minutes.

By using the Quick Rice function, you can cook one cup of white rice in about 35 minutes. The COSORI rice cooker’s quick rice function helps to shorten the cooking time.

Depending on the type of rice and desired softness, it is recommended to allow at least 50 minutes for cooking rice. If you are cooking a few cups of white rice, the white rice function will take approximately 50 minutes.

Of course, these are just my rough estimates, and will vary according to what the microcomputer’s fuzzy logic decides is the optimal cooking time and temperature.

How long does it take to cook brown rice?

The COSORI rice cooker with fuzzy logic technology adjusts cooking times on its own, resulting in a longer cooking time of between 60 and 90 minutes for brown rice. Despite being slower compared to other digital rice cookers, it always produces perfectly textured rice. Cooking a small amount of raw brown rice in this cooker will definitely take more than an hour.

Can it cook oatmeal porridge?

The COSORI CRC-R501-KUS rice cooker is equipped with a special oatmeal menu that offers settings for steel-cut, rolled, and quick oats. According to users, the steel-cut oatmeal program consistently delivers perfect results. Thanks to its dedicated programming for different oatmeal types, this rice cooker ensures hassle-free preparation of delicious oatmeal. Consumer reviews highly appreciate the COSORI’s ability to cook oatmeal that is both tasty and satisfying.

What kinds of grains can it cook?

The COSORI CRC-R501-KUS rice cooker is not just for cooking rice – it can also prepare three types of oatmeal and other whole grains like quinoa, barley, and farro with ease. The digital control panel makes it simple to choose your preferred grain and texture, while the fuzzy logic technology guarantees consistent, delicious results every time. Say goodbye to overcooking or undercooking thanks to this convenient multi-cooker.

Does this rice cooker have a steaming basket?

The COSORI CRC-R501-KUS rice cooker offers a convenient menu option for steaming your favorite foods. It comes with a spacious 3-quart stainless steel steam basket, perfect for steaming vegetables, poultry, or eggs. However, it’s important to note that COSORI advises against steaming food and cooking rice simultaneously, as the large steam basket takes up most of the internal space.

It’s worth mentioning that the COSORI CRC-R501-KUS is not a carb-reducing rice cooker model. The included basket is specifically designed for steaming food, not for cooking rice. For the best results, rice should be cooked directly in the inner pot.

For example, the Toshiba TRSH01 is a 5.5-cup Japanese rice cooker that has a both a low-carb rice menu option and a low-carb steam basket. You can cook, or steam, rice with a lower starch content inside the included steamer basket. If you are interested in this low-carb Toshiba rice cooker, then you can see more details on Amazon (paid link).

Can you use this rice cooker as a slow cooker?

The COSORI CRC-R501-KUS rice cooker with fuzzy logic technology features a slow cook function that keeps a constant temperature of 212°F, perfect for enhancing the flavors of slow-cooked dishes. While it doesn’t have high and low settings like a traditional slow cooker, this versatile appliance can still be used to slow cook a wide range of meals.

You can use the Sauté mode to brown meat or sauté ingredients like onions and garlic before switching to the slow cook mode to braise meat, cook beans, make chili, or prepare other dishes that require long, low cooking times. With the sauté function for building flavor and the gentle simmer of the 212°F slow cook mode, this rice cooker is a great tool for making delicious slow-cooked meals.

Why do some people dislike the COSORI CRC-R501-KUS?

Users have expressed surprise at the longer cooking times for white and brown rice when using the COSORI CRC-R501-KUS rice cooker. The keep warm function may not be as effective as other models, leading to rice that is either crunchy, chewy, or mushy. For best results, it is recommended to consume the rice immediately after cooking. Some users have been disappointed by the nearly hour-long cook time for white rice. Additionally, the size and weight of the cooker may catch some off guard, despite its ability to cook up to 10 cups of uncooked rice.

To sum up, the drawbacks of this rice cooker include longer cooking times, the absence of a power button necessitating unplugging after use, and a larger-than-expected size. However, these characteristics are a result of its fuzzy logic technology and high capacity. Users should consider the benefits of fuzzy logic against the longer cooking times and size.

Why do most people like the COSORI CRC-R501-KUS?

The sleek design and easy operation of the COSORI CRC-R501-KUS fuzzy logic rice cooker have received high praise from users. They appreciate the intuitive touchscreen controls that make it simple to cook various grains and steam vegetables. Thanks to the fuzzy logic technology, this cooker reliably produces fluffy, perfectly-cooked rice without burning or undercooking.

The nonstick inner pot is easy to clean after use, and the handy preset programs allow for versatile cooking options like oatmeal, rice, and steaming. The delay start timer is a convenient feature that allows users to wake up to a hot breakfast without any effort. While some may hesitate to purchase this cooker if they rarely eat rice or prefer stove-top methods, the additional functions beyond rice may persuade them otherwise.

One flaw that users have noted is the lack of a power button to turn the device fully off, as it remains constantly illuminated when plugged in, wasting electricity. Adding an on/off switch would greatly improve the design.

Overall, the COSORI rice cooker delivers on convenience with its presets, fuzzy logic, and delayed start, and adding a power button would address concerns about leaving it plugged in.


The COSORI CRC-R501-KUS 5-quart fuzzy logic rice cooker is highly rated for its quality, value, ease of cleaning, size, and versatility. Users love how it cooks delicious rice and the added bonus of a steamer basket. Many feel it’s a good investment. The versatility, design, and user-friendliness also impress customers. However, some wish it had a power button.

Being a fuzzy logic rice cooker, it takes longer to cook rice compared to traditional models due to soaking time and microcomputer adjustments. But this leads to superior rice texture. The Quick Rice setting can help speed up the process when necessary. The delay timer allows for convenient next-day rice preparation.

Most users find the 10-cup capacity and design suitable, although it may be too large for smaller households. Expect longer cooking times than basic cookers, but without messy boil-overs. It’s a budget-friendly option compared to pricier Japanese brands that offer similar quality rice.

Overall, if you’re looking for excellent rice and don’t mind the slower cooking process, the COSORI CRC-R501-KUS is a reliable choice. Just make sure the 5-quart capacity fits your requirements. Shop now on Amazon (paid link).