CUCKOO CR-0375F 3-Cup Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Review

The CUCKOO CR-0375F is a compact 3-cup fuzzy logic rice cooker that offers various menu options for preparing rice, quinoa, and oatmeal. Additionally, there is a larger 6-cup version, the CUCKOO CR-0675F, for those who need more capacity. These rice cookers not only add a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also provide versatility in cooking different dishes. In this review, I will delve into the features of the 3-cup CR-0375F model and compare it to the 6-cup CR-0675F later on.

CUCKOO CR-0375F Rice Cooker: Summary

The CUCKOO CR-0375F fuzzy logic rice cooker might just change your mind if you usually cook rice on the stove. If you’ve struggled in the past to achieve the perfect pot of rice, this cooker provides a solution. Thanks to its “fuzzy logic” technology, the rice is cooked completely, without being burned or turning into a mess.

While stove-top methods can be effective, they require constant attention to prevent burning. With the CUCKOO CR-0375F fuzzy logic rice cooker, you can say goodbye to the hassle of babysitting bubbling pots. That’s why the CR-0375F has the potential to become your favorite kitchen appliance.

For the most part, the CUCKOO CR-0375F (and the CR-0675F) effortlessly delivers light and fluffy rice with its automatic cooking feature. Plus, it comes at an affordable price, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone in need of an efficient automatic rice cooker (check price on Amazon – paid link).

Brief Overview Of The CUCKOO CR-0375F

As a well-known Korean brand, CUCKOO should be able to deliver a great product at a good price. Their CR-0375F model, a 3-cup (uncooked) fuzzy logic rice cooker, is designed with preset functions that automatically cook your favorite rice and grains to perfection, tailored to your taste preferences. Additionally, it boasts a convenient multi-cook function for effortlessly preparing soups and stews.

This 3-cup CUCKOO rice cooker is equipped with a reheat function, making it ideal for leftovers. With its timer feature, you can even prepare your ingredients hours in advance, guaranteeing freshly cooked rice whenever you desire.

After cooking, you can use the auto-clean mode, which utilizes steam to make cleaning the inside of the rice cooker easy. The detachable inner lid can also be removed and cleaned after each use.

This versatile rice cooker allows you to prepare a variety of dishes including soups, white rice, brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal. Its compact 3-cup uncooked rice capacity (6 cups of cooked rice) makes it perfect for individuals or couples.

Not only does the nonstick inner pot offer durability, but the auto-clean function also takes care of the interior, and the removable water drainage tray simplifies the cleanup process. With the easy-to-remove inner lid, you should be able to enjoy great-tasting rice for a few years.

CUCKOO CR-0375F vs. CR-0675F

CUCKOO CR-0675F White 6-Cup Uncooked

The CUCKOO CR-0375F and CR-0675F fuzzy logic rice cookers differ mainly in their capacity. The CR-0375F model can cook up to 3 cups of uncooked rice (1.5 quarts), while the larger CR-0675F model can handle 6 cups of raw rice (3 quarts).

Additionally, there are slight variations in the menu options. The CR-0375F offers settings for WHITE, BROWN, QUINOA, QUICK, SCORCHED, OATMEAL, MULTIGRAIN, MULTICOOK, and AUTO CLEAN cooking. On the other hand, the CR-0675F excludes the QUINOA and OATMEAL options but includes GABA (for brown rice), PORRIDGE, and BABY FOOD, while retaining the other settings.

It’s not clear whether the PORRIDGE option is for rice or oatmeal porridge. Both models have a convenient quick cooking mode, which can be activated by pressing the START/QUICK button twice. This option is clearly labeled on the control panel.

To sum it up, the main differences between these two CUCKOO fuzzy logic rice cooker models are their capacity and slight variations in the menu options. In addition, the larger 6-cup CR-0675F model costs a little more than the smaller model (see price on Amazon – paid link).

Please note that the video above is for the CR-0675F (I could not find one for the CR-0375F).

What do users think about the CUCKOO CR-0375F?

The CUCKOO CR-0375F 3-cup electric rice cooker is highly praised by users for its top-notch performance and delicious results, especially when it comes to cooking rice. Its sleek and compact design makes it both versatile and stylish. The self-cleaning feature makes the cleaning process much easier, although some may find taking apart the various parts a bit cumbersome.

Perfect for small households, this rice cooker can handle everyday meals like oatmeal, soup, stew, and rice with ease and efficiency. Users love the practical design and useful features, such as the self-cleaning function.

Despite having a heavy lid, this rice cooker is widely acclaimed for its user-friendly nature, performance, and tasty dishes. Many users appreciate the ability to cook various rice types and whole grains. If you’re in search of a dependable and efficient appliance for cooking rice and more, the CUCKOO CR-0375F 3-cup rice cooker is highly recommended.

I guess most users like using the CUCKOO CR-0375F to cook rice and other dishes. Next, I will sum up both the drawbacks and the benefits of this fuzzy logic rice cooker.

What are the drawbacks of the CR-0375F rice cooker?

The CUCKOO CR-0375F has an attractive price and good performance according to reviews. However, there are some inconveniences with daily use. The cooker adequately cooks and keeps rice warm but lacks a rice spatula holder. In particular, rice quality deteriorates if left in the warmer for over 24 hours. The water level markings are hard to read, and the buttons require firm pressing. The timer only adjusts in 10-minute increments, necessitating repeated presses for longer delays.

The CUCKOO CR-0375F fuzzy logic rice cooker has a minimalist design, but has some usability issues. The lid swings open forcefully, the power cord has no retractable feature, and there is no carrying handle. Opening the lid requires holding the base and pressing the button with the other hand.

The CUCKOO CR-0375F rice cooker may not be the best fit for everyone due to its lack of a cake mode, difficult-to-read markings, and design flaws like tipping when the lid is opened. While it can make good rice once you get used to it, some users may find it frustrating for daily use. The Zojirushi NS-LGC05 model is an alternative with brown rice options and a simpler interface (read my Zojirushi NS-LGC05 review).

What are the benefits of the CR-0375F model?

The CUCKOO CR-0375F rice cooker is an affordable choice for rice enthusiasts, offering top-notch performance and value. It ensures perfectly cooked rice every time, keeping it warm for hours without drying out. The nonstick cooking pan makes cleanup a breeze, while the preset menus cater to various rice types.

With its compact and stylish design, this rice cooker is not only practical, but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Plus, it comes at an affordable price point, making it a great investment for anyone who loves delicious rice dishes and wants to enhance their kitchen decor.

CUCKOO CR-0375F Gray
The CUCKOO CR-0375F is also available in a gray color, but I prefer the white color.


Despite a few drawbacks, the CUCKOO CR-0375F makes tasty rice and the small 3-cup uncooked rice capacity is suitable for limited spaces.

In summary, the CUCKOO CR-0375F and CR-0675F fuzzy logic rice cookers have an appealing design and price, but lack some convenience features found in pricier models. Click here for current price on Amazon (paid link).