Reviewed: Tiger JBX-B Micom Rice Cooker With Tacook Function

What does the Tiger JBX-B series rice cooker have to offer the ravenous rice eater? How about eight microcomputer controlled cooking programs that include six rice settings, a slow cook setting and a synchro-cook setting for cooking both rice and food. Keep reading to learn more about this Tiger micom rice cooker with its tacook synchronized cooking plate.

Tiger JBX-B Series: Overview

The Tiger JBX-B is a microcomputer controlled (micom) electric rice cooker that uses an automatic cooking logic system to cook rice and steam food. This system constantly reads the cooking temperature and then makes adjustments to cook the perfect pot of rice.

In addition to cooking rice, the JBX-B also has a synchronized cooking function (tacook) with an orange steaming plate. This allows you to cook rice in the pot below while steaming food in the tacook plate above.

Furthermore, the JBX-B can also do slow cooking, soup and rice porridge. Delayed cooking is made possible by two preset cooking timers.

There are two model sizes in the series: the JBX-B10U has a 5.5-cup capacity and the JBX-B18U has a 10-cup capacity.

Eight Menu Settings

You can choose one of the eight menu settings to prepare your meal:

  • Plain
  • Synchro-Cooking (cook both rice and main food dish together)
  • Quick (reduces soaking and cooking time)
  • Short
  • Mixed
  • Brown
  • Porridge (traditional rice porridge)
  • Slow Cook
Tiger JBX-B10U Rice Cooker Control Panel
Compact design means that the display and buttons are all on the lid.

Tiger Rice Cooker Comparison: JBX-B vs. JBV-A

The JBX-B and the JBV-A series are both available in two sizes: 5.5 cups and 10 cups.

The JBV-A series has an even more compact design than the JBX-B. It has only four menu settings: Plain, Synchro-Cooking, Brown and Slow Cook/Steam. In fact, it does not even have an LCD. As a result, the delay timer function was left out. Nevertheless, Tiger still managed to include the tacook cooking plate and a 12-hour keep warm function.

The JBX-B models have eight menu settings, LCDs, delay timers, detachable steam vent caps, detachable inner lids and detachable power cords. The JBV-A models only have detachable steam vent caps. The JBX-B series also has a thicker inner pot.

Finally, there is always the price difference to consider. The Tiger JBX-B10U costs more than $100 while the Tiger JBV-A10U has a list price of less than $100.

If you want to learn more, then you can read this review of the JBV-A series.

Tiger JBX-B10U Rice Cooker 5.5-Cup Press Start Button
Start cooking rice and steaming food with the Tiger JBX-B rice cooker.


The biggest advantage of this Tiger rice cooker is probably the included BPA-free tacook plate and synchro-cooking function. This makes it possible to prepare a whole meal with rice, veggies or meat. You may check current pricing and learn more about the Tiger JBX-B10U on Amazon.