Zojirushi NS-WTC10 Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Review

I recently came across a Zojirushi rice cooker model that I have never seen before, even though I have written a few reviews for Zojirushi rice cookers. The model in question is the Zojirushi NS-WTC10 micro-computerized (I don’t like using that silly Micom word) rice cooker. The NS-WTC10 model has a 5.5-cup uncooked (or 10-cup cooked) rice capacity, which is equivalent to about 1 liter of cooking capacity. In particular, a steaming basket is included with the NS-WTC10 rice cooker, so you will be able to steam some vegetables too.

I went to the Zojirushi website to see if I could find the NS-WTC10 model there, and I found it here. It does not seem like the NS-WTC10 is a popular model, when compared to a few of the other Zojirushi rice cooker models, such as the NL-AAC10 or the NS-TSC10.

Of course, there are so many great Zojirushi micro-computerized fuzzy logic rice cookers to choose from, so I am not surprised that the NS-WTC10 is a relatively unknown model.

Nonetheless, I will do a quick review of the Zojirushi NS-WTC10 just to satisfy my curiosity about it, and to decide if it is worth the money or not.

Is there a larger 10-cup NS-WTC model available?

Many Zojirushi rice cookers models are available with either a 5.5-cup or a 10-cup cooking capacity. As far as I know, the 5.5-cup NS-WTC10 is the only model in the NS-WTC series, so unfortunately there is not a larger 10-cup model available.

What menu settings does the Zojirushi NS-WTC10 have?

In addition to cooking white or brown rice, the NS-WTC10 model has the fuzzy logic ability to also prepare GABA brown rice and Jasmine rice. In detail, here is a list of the available menu settings:

  • White/Mixed
  • Quick
  • Sushi
  • Porridge
  • Brown
  • GABA Brown
  • Jasmine
  • Steam

As usual, the Porridge setting on rice cookers usually mean rice porridge, not oatmeal porridge.

The Steam setting is used for steaming food with the included steamer basket.

Does the Zojirushi NS-WTC10 have an extended keep warm function?

The NS-WTC10 rice cooker model offers both regular keep warm and extended keep warm functions.

The extended keep warm feature is not available for certain menu settings or after 12 hours on regular keep warm.

To use the extended keep warm option, press the Keep Warm button after the rice has finished cooking and the regular keep warm light is on.

Note that the NS-WTC10 rice cooker will switch back to regular keep warm after 8 hours on extended keep warm. Therefore, you will not be able to keep the cooked rice warm for multiple days at a time.

Zojirushi NS-WTC10 vs. NS-WAC10: What are the differences?

Zojirushi NS-WAC10
The Zojirushi NS-WAC10 model does not have a steamer basket.

Basically, there are a few differences between these 5.5-cup Zojirushi micro-computerized rice cookers, which I will briefly discuss below.

First, the Zojirushi NS-WTC series only has one model size: the 5.5-cup NS-WTC10. In contrast, the NS-WAC series is available in two sizes: the 5.5-cup NS-WAC10 and the 10-cup NS-WAC18.

Second, the Zojirushi NS-WTC10 has a GABA Brown menu setting, which the NS-WAC10 model does not have. The NS-WAC10/18 models only have a setting for cooking normal brown rice.

Third, I see that these rice cookers have a menu setting for cooking sushi rice, but that the NS-WAC10/18 models also have an option for cooking rinse-free rice.

Fourth, the Zojirushi NS-WTC10 has both a steamer basket and a Steam menu setting. The NS-WAC10 has neither a steamer basket nor a steam function.

Lastly, there are some small differences when you look at the control panels of these rice cookers, but the overall design and settings are quite similar, except for the differences that I mentioned above.


In conclusion, I think that the Zojirushi NS-WTC10 is roughly similar to the NS-WAC10 model, even though there are a handful of differences between these fuzzy logic rice cookers that you should keep in mind.

For example, if you want to steam vegetables, then you should choose the NS-WTC10, because it has both a Steam menu setting and a steamer basket. Otherwise, if you only want to cook rice, then the NS-WAC10 is the more popular model. You may read my Zojirushi NS-WAC review for more information.

Nevertheless, you might consider buying the Zojirushi NS-WTC10 if you are looking for a 5.5-cup fuzzy logic rice cooker that has menu options for GABA brown rice, Jasmine rice, and steaming vegetables with a steamer basket (buy the NS-WTC10 on Amazon – paid link).